QuickBooks Online Users

Login to the Generations Interface for QuickBooks website with the same credentials you use to login to Generations.

Authorization by a QuickBooks Online administrator is required to establish the initial connection. Once the connection is established, it can be used by any Generations user that has been assigned permissions to the Integrated Apps security group.

QuickBooks Desktop (Windows) Users

If you are using the Windows version (Desktop) of QuickBooks, you must install the QBSync app on each computer that will be interfacing with your QuickBooks company file.

The link below will install our Generations Interface for QuickBooks application as well as the QBFC8 file that is necessary for interfacing with QuickBooks. If prompted to install both at the same time please continue with only the Interface installation. Once that is complete the QBFC8 installation can be completed.

Generations QB Installer version

QuickBooks Desktop Supporting Files

QBFC13 works with v2.- QBFC13 Installer

"QBFC8 is automatically installed with the QuickBooks Sync app. You only need to install QBFC8 if you uninstalled it, or are instructed to by support". - QBFC8 Installer

"Older files required for interfacing with QuickBooks no longer used by the QuickBooks Sync app" - QBFC5 Installer - Required Components QBFC6 Installer

Generations QB Installer