Feb 27th, 2019

General Features

  • Password field assigned to client/caregivers can now be reset using the reset password button. Passwords already assigned can only be reset and not viewed by office users.

  • ADP Payroll export updates

    • Base rate option for overtime

    • Other expense option to use dollars instead of units

  • Completed Schedules and Tasks Report - option to include accounting ID

  • HHAX interface fix for handling SSNs having leading zeroes

  • Mobile App - view schedules for office staff now display the schedule details under the date with option to view the calendar

  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Icon Updates

Many of the people icons have been updated both in the main site and mobile app.

Mobile App

QB Desktop Interface Update

We have a new version of the QuickBooks interface available and will be rolling it out in the upcoming weeks. Look for a notification in the Generations user alert section for details.

Feb 12th, 2019

General Features

  • Completed Schedules and Tasks report now only displays a signature line only if the specific signature is enabled on the schedule

  • Copy Schedules for entire week updated so you can specify every X weeks

  • Caregivers can now view service short description if your agency enables this in Company Settings | Web Portal

  • Payroll Export - ability to break out OT and HOL rate/hours into their own columns (Payroll Export Config)

  • ACA Measurement Report - ability to exclude caregivers that didn't work from appearing on the report and added performance optimizations

  • Missed visit alert app notifications no longer sends alerts for continuous shifts that are in progress

  • Report Writer - updated reporting control for usability and performance

  • Message Center - change to show only active users by default with the option to show inactive users

  • Calendar Report - option to include payor when grouped by client

  • Control to prevent signed shifts from being changed to Available when entering Absences

  • Improved Reset Password Page / Process

  • Mobile App calendar view now displays and enables editing of schedule details directly from the calendar page

  • Misc performance and stability improvements

  • Voice Signature - increased time client has to record a voice signature from 15 to 45 seconds

HHAX Interface (Applies to customers located in PA and FL)

  • Removed leading zeroes from caregiver SSNs as leading zero's cause import issues with HHAX on the caregiver ID field

  • Removed invoice line item ID (per HHAX request) from HHAX billing export

  • Added a control to prevent edits to schedules from being sent to HHAX after that schedule has been billed

  • Added the file name the data was sent within the HHAX Log

Jan 30th 2019

Mobile App Alert Notifications

Generations mobile app now handles missed visit alert notifications for caregivers and office staff. We recommend you use the mobile app to manage alerts as it is more reliable than text messaging due to the fact that text carriers may block or delay the delivery of text messages.

Alert Notifications

Caregivers and office users will receive an app notification for missed visits (office user notification shown). Make sure you have notifications enabled for the Generations App on your mobile device.

Missed Visit Management Via App

Missed Visit Details App Page

Jan 24th 2019

General Features

  • Ability to copy schedules forward a week at a time.

  • Add Filter of Location and Class to Mass Update | Schedules - Payroll Items.

  • Added Exclusions/Preferences column to Client Visit History.

  • Real-time messaging notifications for caregiver & office communication using the message center.

  • Bug fixes and performance optimizations.

HHAX Interface (Applies to customers located in PA and FL)

  • Update file name / Agency Tax ID to use Admin Option TIN instead of Admin Options provider number.

  • 24 Hour Shift Issue Billing fix.

  • Added filters for client and payor.

  • Adjust column widths.

  • Past records in Log are updated from Error to Success when the record is subsequently sent through successfully.

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